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Healthcare start-up

At present, India and specifically Bengaluru is the hot destination for start-up’s and the leaders in this space are not the ones with brick & mortar setup. It is an era of e-commerce which is taking the entire business module to a new high. There are many magical, unbelievable yet real stories which narrate the success of many e-commerce unicorns that are created in short span of time. Valuation of such companies are overtaking the giants in the field by many folds which shows the opportunities in the market.

Disruption is the buzzword nowadays which was otherwise used only in parliament in the recent  past. Technology has broken all the limits, boundaries and myths about the e-commerce that existed in the recent past. Everything has gone online and has become infectious.

However health care sector has been resistant to some extent in this regard due to traditional mind-set of people to visit a doctor personally in his/her clinic. But no one can escape the technological revolution because of ease of access to the best of services at one’s convenience and moreover it is infections as it was mentioned before. According to WHO, 70% of Indians continue to pay for medical expenses out of the pocket, in comparison to just 30-40% in other Asian countries like SriLanka, and they still fail to get access to quality medicines and facilities.

Smartphone user base is expanding exponentially day by day in India and is expected to reach staggering 500 million by 2020 which can drive all technology based e-commerce companies to higher levels.

While Healthcare sector has seen technological advancement in terms of equipment used in diagnosis, patient care has not seen such advancements as of now which is most important. The need of the hour is to make best healthcare services available to each and every citizen of the country at affordable costs.

India has been a destination for medical tourism but that quality of care is available only to a group of people and is not available by enlarge to a large number of people. Affordable healthcare has been the in scarce in India. Cost of health care is going up day by day to a significant extent and has made the matter worse. As per Andrew Heard of Towers Watson, India has the highest rate of medical inflation in the world.

To sum up, it is of utmost importance to come up with health care start-up which has strong understanding of Indian health care segment and also robust technological back up to make it affordable to deliver the best care to the last mile.

Here is an effort, a healthcare start-up which intends to create a health care model which has strong technological back up, provide standardized health care to all at affordable cost.

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