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Alcohol and liver damage- I drink alcohol regularly on weekend is it going to damage my liver?

I drink alcohol regularly on weekend is it going to damage my liver?

Being a Hepatologist its a common question i come across every day. with the changing attitude and life style most of the professionals and those who are into business live on weekends. And for many enjoying weekend means having alcohol.

To be simplistic and to answer the question my answer would be both YES & NO.

YES because alcohol is not good for liver beyond certain limit, unless i know how much you drink and what you drink and what is your eating habits are like, whats your life style during weekdays i wont be able to say no with certainty. Even your genes matter in this aspect!!

If i have clear answers to above mentioned questions i can give an individualized answer, it may be most of the times NO, but that should not encourage somebody to drink more. I answer would be specifically in reference to liver damage, still those people might face other problems related to alcohol even with weekend binge.

Common nest question following YES answer i face would be is there any medicine i can take to prevent liver damage?

For this my straight answer would be a big NO, some pop LIV 52 to protect their liver with alcohol!!! that sound very funny to me. Just as it has LIV written it doesn’t mean you can live normally consuming any amount of alcohol or that its going to protect your liver like a shield. Still people take it religiously, i cant help it.

If some body still presses for some medicine to protect liver i would suggest at least healthy diet &  healthy lifestyle during weekdays. Regular exercise and a good vegetarian diet would protect you to a great extent.

I hope i have answered the basic questions here.



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