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First of all” HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY” to all of you

It has been quite some time since you all first heard about MERESIA which started coming up in your whatsapp, facebook pages as we were putting up lots of messages and blogs. I hope most of you have at least seen the posts if not read. In between for last 3- 5 months we were silent and it was with a reason. Here we are again making some nose and this time it is real.

MERESIA HEALTHCARE PVT LTD is coming up with an app in the coming week which will be called MERESIA HEALTH ASSISTANT.

As we all know taking medicines is a nightmare for most of us, to remember it is even worse. Moreover, if one thinks of side effects, what for particular medicine has been prescribed and how it really works, most of us will be clueless. Especially for those who have to take medicines for the rest of their life like in diabetes, hypertension these questions remain haunting forever.

Here we have put in our sincere efforts to tackle this problem with the help of technology. MERESIA HEALTH ASSISTANT app will help you keep list of all medicines and details of when and how to take. It will remind you about medicines at prefixed timings. You all can share the prescriptions; can send messages to your near and dear ones making sure that they take medicines as prescribed.

The exiting feature of this app is it will assist you with health related problems. You can post your queries related to medicines, its side effects, regarding the diseases for which the medicines are prescribed. By doing so you will be clear about your disease and the medicines, you will know about possible side effects and importance of sticking to the schedule.

I know why it is so important to stick to schedule and to know about disease will be your next doubt. You should know that in India and rest of the world antibiotic resistance is a big problem and is mostly due to repeated, improper usage of antibiotics, similarly in chronic disease like in diabetes and hypertension people skip medicines, have irregular timing. All these things over long terms, say over 2-3 years lead to complications like stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure which would have been very well prevented by taking simple steps one of which is taking medicines as prescribed by doctor.

One more important thing is lack of information. In India doctors have limited time to spend explaining about medicines to patients as doctor population ratio is way below global standard. Patients hardly know anything about the medicines they take and its importance, details of their disease and their long term complications. These days few of them who do try to know about their diseases, complications and medications resort to Google which has answers but hard to understand. MERESIA is trying to bridge this gap with this app. People can get answers to their queries from experts in the field which is reliable and in a way which they can understand. We believe information/ knowledge will enable each patient take control of their health in a positive way leading to a healthy and happy life.

In the long run we shall try and improve this as per your requirements, suggestions and response. Just wait for a week and MERESIA will be on your smart phones to assist you.

We are taking the first step in this long journey ahead and hope all of you will join us and help us in this journey and make it a success. MERESIA intend to help people in all possible ways to be healthy and happy.



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Meresia.com is a concept which is taking its shape to revolutionize healthcare scenario in India. Aim is to transform the way medicine is being practiced, to improve quality of care and make it affordable and available to each and every Indian.


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