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Online doctor appointment booking- the way to go

At present to consult a doctor one has cross many hurdles before reaching the right place.
First, problem is which doctor and which speciality to consult.
Once you decide that with difficulty and multiple opinions, the next worry is about standard of care you get in these places.
Finally after deciding the right speciality and doctor the biggest hurdle will be to actually get an appointment.
To get an appointment itself you will have to spend lot of time and money, at the end you may end up getting an appointment a month later.
Technology has played a great role in solving similar problems in day to day life. You can book a ticket online so also rooms in hotels, flight tickets etc..
Technology has not yet found a significant place in healthcare. There are some platforms for appointment booking like practo and lybrate and they are solving this problem to certain extent. However healthcare is about continuing care of sick patients which needs much more than just appointment booking which needs to be addressed.
Even though you can book appointments through above mentioned portals there is no suggestions about whom to select and which speciality to go to which you will have to decide before booking the appointment. My strong feeling is that this problem can be solved with technological developments, like artificial intelligence or just even by creating simple algorithm.
There are many advantages of this online appointment booking
1. Can look out for suggestions about which specialist to consult based on your symptoms/ problems
2. You can choose doctors based on your preferences like experience of doctor, patient rating, doctor’s achievements etc…
3. You can choose the doctor nearest to your place by which you can save travelling time and money
4. Can save lot of time too as you will know exact time of your visit and even the doctor has idea about time of appointment.

With above mentioned advantages its obvious that this trend will grow over time and will become better.
We are coming with meresia.com, a portal aiming to solve healthcare related problems our nation is facing including online appointment booking. Our efforts will address all the above mentioned problems and make healthcare better, reachable and affordable in the near future. Only a healthy nation can be a wealthy nation is our belief and our team at meresia.com is working on this to realise dream of healthy India.

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